Thermal Proof Using RoofingFoil™ + Underlayment Under Metal & Tile Roofing

You may have been told that a traditional underlayment is all you need under your roof but this video proves that adding a radiant barrier barrier under a roof (as long as you have that air gap!) will stop the heat from ever entering your roof deck or your home below.

Watch me use thermal imaging to show you just how much heat RoofingFoil™ reflects off a standard OSB roof deck. In my final results you can see for yourself how much cooler a deck with RoofingFoil™ can be.

To learn more about the new underlayment, watch this video:

Buy RoofingFoil™ + Underlayment:

How to Install RoofingFoil™ + Underlayment in a metal or tile roof:

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