Foil Under Shignles

Radiant Barrier installed correctly under a roof using battens to create an air space.

2 thoughts on “Foil Under Shignles

  1. I appreciate the excellent information you’ve provided.

    I need to replace the roof on a house that I own, as the shingles are quite aged (over 25 years). Seems like the perfect time to put in a radiant barrier, in addition to lighter colored shingles (hey, I’m in SCORTCHING HOT Texas!!!).

    If I can’t find a knowledgeable roofer in the Dallas / Fort Worth area (which seems incredible!), then I guess I’ll next look into tearing off the existing plywood decking and replacing with the silver-backed plywood.

    Do you have any recommendations and/or know who in DF/W might be able to build a batten-style radiant barrier atop existing decking?

    Thank You!

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