Radiant Barrier for New Construction

This is a simple hybrid method to install radiant barrier during new construction. This approach is more effective than the traditional radiant barrier decking products like TechShield™ and Solarboard™ and it’s super simple and super effective!

This install method uses the Original double-sided radiant barrier AtticFoil™ and is installed so that it drapes down between the rafters a little bit. This allows you to have air space on BOTH sides of the foil, which is just like a typical staple-up attic installation, with the benefit of using the reflectivity principle on both sides. This performs better than standard radiant barrier OSB products. See the proof here: Department of Energy study compares reflectivity to emissivity quality of radiant barrier foil products.

If you are doing new construction and finding it challenging to procure radiant barrier decking, consider this approach to get even better results with minimal effort. For questions regarding this installation method or any other use of radiant barrier foil, send us an email or give us a call!

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