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Prevent Moisture/Condensation Inside Your New Metal Building

Are you trying to prevent condensation in your metal building? BlueTex™ insulation is the best metal building vapor barrier insulation to stop condensation inside your building. The key to stopping the condensation is to stop the relatively warm-moist air from touching the cold metal surface of the building.

Vapor Barrier In Metal Building – Prevent Moisture/Condensation Inside Your New Metal Building

For this application, the customer chose to use our BlueTex™ Supreme 6mm metal building insulation with a high-density XPE foam core for maximum condensation control. For a long-lasting, high-quality product that won’t break down after 10 years, forget using the bubble foil products and choose BlueTex™ foil/foam insulation for metal buildings. If you’re able to install during the construction process, this is the best way to get the layers airtight from the outside so you accomplish creating an air barrier between the BlueTex™ and the exterior metal.

BlueTex™ metal building insulation foil/foam products serve two primary purposes. Firstly, they effectively eliminate moisture and condensation issues because they’re vapor barriers. Secondly, they harness the power of a radiant barrier to reflect radiant heat, thereby preventing radiant heat from entering the building in summer and keeping the interior cooler. Additionally, the radiant barrier is equally effective in the winter months, reflecting radiant heat back inside the building to maintain a warmer temperature.

For those seeking to address condensation concerns with BlueTex™ metal building insulation, the next step is to read The Complete Guide to Moisture Management for Metal Buildings.

For more details on how to install BlueTex™ insulation in your non-conditioned or semi-conditioned building, check out

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