New AtticFoil® Tape

Introducing our exclusive new radiant barrier tape and white tape from AtticFoil®!

This image is watermarked, actual products do not have any markings/stamps on them.

Do you have a project that needs a patch job? Maybe an attic installation where you are joining together two large pieces? Do you want to put foil up in your metal shed easily? Then our new AtticFoil® tapes might be what you’re looking for! Air conditioning professionals, general contractors, and handymen will love this tape too because it’s as strong as it gets.

Our tapes are just as strong as our foil products – they’re virtually impossible to tear! The rolls are 2 inches wide and run 164 feet in length. You can choose from a classic foil tape or a clean white finish tape. Both styles coordinate with our 2 best selling styles: Original AtticFoil® and AtticFoil® + White.

Simply unroll the length you need, cut it off the roll with scissors and peel off the backing to reveal the adhesive side. This adhesive is super strong and will stand up over time to heat, wind, and other normal circumstances.

To find out more information about our tapes, or any of our other radiant barrier products, check out our products page on

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