Introducing – for Commercial Applications

With the increasing interest of radiant barrier in commercial applications, and the amazing results from installing it in non-conditioned and conditioned spaces, it was only a matter of time before we would need to have a separate space online for these applications. Thus, was born!

WareHouseFoil Logo is a site that is 100% dedicated to non-residential applications for radiant barrier foil. Unlike where we address residential installs, focuses on metal buildings, wood sheds, barns, commercial warehouses, airplane hangars, and any other structure used for commercial purposes. The site features photos, installation instructions and tips as well as videos. If you have a commercial application that you are considering using radiant barrier for to address heat gain/heat retention, start by visiting, if you still have questions, we’re always a phone call or email away.

2 thoughts on “Introducing – for Commercial Applications

  1. I live in the san Fernando valley, near los angeles, Ca … I would like to spend more time in my garage, where I build model airplanes, however, on most days in the summer and on some days in the winter it is too hot or too cold… currently there is no insulation between the wood rafters in the garage and the the temperature is in the upper 90 degrees.. I also have an aluminum garage door that I would like to insulate, any recommendations or advise ?? thank you…

    1. On non conditioned spaces like garages/sheds, there is nothing better to temper the heat gain that a radiant barrier. These structures will greatly benefit from the addition of AtticFoil on any and all sides that catch direct sunlight and since they are not conditioned, you don’t really need to have insulation in there (that’s why they are built without insulation), just the radiant barrier. Check out the instructions on how to install in a garage here: Installing Radiant Barrier in a Garage

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