Everything You Need to Know About AtticFoil Radiant Barrier

After talking to tens of thousands of customers since 2006, and selling hundreds of millions of square feet of product, this is a short version of everything you need to know about AtticFoil Radiant Barrier.

Why is My Attic So Hot?

When your attic gets hot, it’s not so much the outside temperature as it is about the amount of radiant heat from the sun coming into your attic. This means your attic will actually be hotter on a 70 degree sunny day than it will be on an 80 or a 90 degree cloudy day! Have you ever noticed that your air conditioner will probably still run on a 70 degree sunny day, but will barely turn on when it’s a cloudy 80 degree day? This is the effect of radiant heat on your home and attic – it’s the same reason your car gets so hot even on a mild, but sunny day. The key to cooling down your attic is blocking the radiant heat from coming in and heating the items in the attic up.

What is AtticFoil™ Radiant Barrier?

AtticFoil™ is basically a roll of heavy duty, pure aluminum foil that is laminated on both sides of a tear-proof tarp product so it won’t rip or tear during installation. The most commonly used roll sizes are our 48″ wide and 26″ wide rolls, though we do offer it in 60″ widths and a 45″ width. AtticFoil is essentially turning what you may be familiar with as kitchen aluminum foil, into a super durable and tear proof product that you can use almost anywhere.

How does AtticFoil™ Work?

AtticFoil™ Radiant Barrier insulation is an easy do-it-yourself project but it does require you to work in the attic. The goal is to either get it stapled up on the bottom of the roof rafters/trusses or to lay it down on top of your attic insulation. If you’re not sure which method is right for you, see our article on How To Choose the Best Install Method for AtticFoil™.

Once inside your attic, AtticFoil™ will reflect 97% of the invisible radiant heat coming off the roof (which is what’s making your attic insulation hot). Remember we are reflecting the heat not the light (the sunlight isn’t inside your attic). AtticFoil™ is compared to shade; it’s like shade from the heat inside your attic. This means if we can keep the attic insulation cooler by stopping the heat from the roofline from turning it into a big hot blanket right above your head, then the home is going to be more comfortable and easier to cool, which means it’s more energy efficient too!

How is AtticFoil™ Radiant Barrier Installed?

Usually you install AtticFoil™ Radiant Barrier one of two ways: stapled to the bottom of the roof rafters or laid on top of the attic insulation. There are a few instances where doing both methods will yield the best results. All you really need is a staple gun and a utility knife and you’re ready to go!

Many customers start by doing a third or a half of the attic starting with a wide open easier to reach areas. We remind people all the time that AtticFoil™ has a cumulative effect, meaning the more coverage you get, the better your results will be. If you’re not sure where to start, I recommend you start with a smaller amount and do the easy areas first.

Can I Buy the Original AtticFoil™ in Stores?

No, we only sell direct to the end users. The reason we do this is to get you a better product, at a lower price, by eliminating the middleman retail stores. You can buy from us online via our webstore or by calling us during business hours: www.AtticFoil.com

What if I Have Questions or Need More Help?

We have spent over a decade and a half creating content to help people just like you. The best place to find more details and most likely the answers to any questions you have related to AtticFoil™ Radiant Barrier is our website. Please use the search function at the top of the site to find what you need. If you still need help after searching, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or submit a question via email. Our team of building science experts offer real technical support to help you install AtticFoil™ the right way.

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