Does Radiant Barrier Damage Roof Shingles?

People often ask us, “If I install a radiant barrier on my roof, won’t it overheat the roof and cause damage to my roof shingles?”

Watch the video below to find out what we discovered when we put it to the test.

For more information on Radiant Barrier’s effect on roofing shingles you can read this article:

The Effect of Radiant Barriers on Shingle Temperatures. Am I going to BAKE my shingles?

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2 thoughts on “Does Radiant Barrier Damage Roof Shingles?

  1. A question please.

    I have an existing roof with cathedral ceiling without access or enough space to add radiant barrier or additional insulation. would like to reroof the house and lay a layer of radiant barrier wooden battens and then a metal roof.

    Is your product designed for such installation and, if so, are there installers you can recommend in the Conroe, Texas area?

    Also, what type of energy savings do you estimate I could realize from this type of installation?

    Any information would be appreicated.


    1. Yes, adding AtticFoil below a metal roof with battens is an EXCELLENT way to get the benefits of a radiant barrier without the hassle of installation in a tight attic space. Install video and photos are here: Radiant Barrier Under Metal Roofing
      You can look for an installer on this page by typing in a zip code: Radiant Barrier Installer Search
      Savings equal the difference of the layer of foil blocking 97% of the radiant heat gain that you are currently allowing 100% of to enter the home. The difference between 100% heat gain and 3% heat gain is tremendous, not only for comfort but for energy savings as well. Actual energy savings percentages are impossible to determine because no two homes are exactly alike.

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