BlueTex™ Insulation for Metal Buildings

Metal buildings are great for many application from businesses to hobbies. For example, backyard sheds, garages, mini storage units, airplane hangars, and giant poultry barns are all are employed in diverse uses across a wide range of prices. However, most buildings share the same complaints: they’re uncomfortable because they get too hot (or rippin cold) and they “sweat” (condensation problems) regularly.

As an industry expert, I consistently ran into the problem of not being able to recommend a single product to solve these common issues. So, I set out to come up with a high-quality solution to this age-old problem, and after lots of research and design, I’m proud to introduce you to a new line of foil/foam products called BlueTex™ Insulation.

Designing the Perfect Metal Building Insulation

I started in 2006 for residential attics and decided to make superior radiant barrier products. Even though I designed it with residential use, there was no reason it couldn’t be used in commercial applications. I started to hear back from customers saying they were able to keep their metal buildings cooler with great results. However, my cold-climate customers had additional challenges of controlling moisture problems in the winter.

The key to controlling moisture is to keep the interior surface temperature above the dew point. This is most often done with a little bit of insulation and while there are some other products out there, I just never felt comfortable putting my approval on them because I consistently found that most of them were cheap junk that fell apart in a few years time. So I set out to make my own.

BlueTex™ is the best of two worlds, combining premium aluminum foil with high-quality EPE & XPE foam cores to work as a durable, all-in-one insulation for any metal building, new or existing. After talking to numerous dealers about installation preferences, I also designed it with a tape tabbed edge so it’s easy to install, and made it washable, so you can clean it up if you’re using it in a professional setting. BlueTex™ comes in two grades: Pro and Supreme.

BlueTex™ Pro

BlueTex™ Pro is a 2mm foil-foam insulation intended for non-conditioned and semi-conditioned buildings in ALL climates but tends to be used the most in warmer areas with minimal heating requirements. The foil side reflects 97% of radiant heat (instant shade); it will help control interior condensation in all areas and it will help keep hot/cold air inside the building if you are heating or cooling on an OCCASIONAL basis,  to take the edge off and make the building more comfortable. This is typically best for applications with less than about 5-8 hours per week using heating/cooling. To learn more about this product, including pricing and technical specs, see BlueTex™ 2mm Pro Metal Building Insulation.

BlueTex™ Supreme

BlueTex™ Supreme is a 6mm foil-foam insulation intended for non-conditioned and semi-conditioned buildings in warm and cold climates. This product is similar to our BlueTex™ Pro but it’s 3x thicker and provides maximum moisture control for buildings in REALLY cold areas. This product is best if you are heating or cooling on a pretty regular basis, to take the edge off. For buildings typically heating/cooling 2-4 hours per day or 8-10+ hours per week, the thicker XPE foam material will enable the building to heat up or cool down faster than without it. Pricing and product specifications can be found on the BlueTex™ 6mm Supreme product page.

BlueTex™ Commercial Roll Up Garage Door Kits

BlueTex™ 50″ Wide 2mm Garage Door Kit, the perfect solution for cooling down a metal building garage door, especially when the door catches direct sun. Easy to install, this kit is designed to reduce heat and basic condensation on metal roll up garage doors inside a metal building, while being thin enough to allow the door to continue rolling up and down with no issues. Shop Roll Up Door Garage Insulation Kits on

Whether you are just looking to reflect heat and keep the building cooler from the heat (or warmer in winter), or you need a product to provide full moisture and condensation control, we have the right product for your application. Check it out at

4 thoughts on “BlueTex™ Insulation for Metal Buildings

  1. Good morning, I have a building that is metal roof right on top of 2×4 perlins, no moisture barrier under the steel. Not going to be heated or cooled, just looking to have something on perlins under roof and on walls to help prevent any moisture or condensation it will create. Looking at the 3 mil will closed cell foam you guys have on sale right now. Would you feel this would be what i am looking for?

  2. Just put up a 30 x 60 metal storage building.I want to use Blue Tex insulation.Can you give me a price on the heavier roll and where I can buy it.My zip is 27565. Can this be shipped direct to me? Thanks!

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