A blog from me – Ed Fritz.  I’m the owner of www.AtticFoil.com, www.RoofingFoil.com, and www.BlueTexInsulation.com. a manufacturer and direct online supplier of radiant barrier foil insulation.  My friends, colleagues and many customers call me “The Radiant Barrier Guru” – hence the name.

My passion is to help homeowners make their homes more comfortable and energy efficient.  After helping thousands of customers, I decided to create a forum where I can share some of my experience and you can get some good, honest information in easy-to-understand terms.  This blog is not just about radiant barrier, but a variety of topics relating to energy efficiency and comfortable living and work spaces.

What makes me an expert? Well, a combination of years and years of practical hands-on experience and learning from the best teachers in the world.  My unofficial motto has been, “if it works, keep doing it!”  What has this meant for me?  It means investing thousands of dollars to sit through days of building science classes, attending green building seminars and shows taught by the very best engineers and PHD’s in the industry.

My gift is that I can take what they teach, combine it with years of first-hand experience and break it down into an easy-to-understand and common sense approach that the average homeowner can understand.  The basics of energy efficiency have their roots in simple science, so this is something non-professionals can learn!

There is a lot of bad information on the internet regarding these topics and oftentimes people struggle to separate the truth from the exaggerations.  The one thing I always tell people is “do not over-think this stuff.”  It’s really pretty simple:  it’s all about HEAT.  You either want to keep it out, or you want to keep it in.  The trick is being able to do the one you want effectively and within a budget.

I also have knowledge and experience working on new construction projects that are either very high performance or near-zero energy usage.  It’s EASY to do this with enough money; you may have heard about all these super-efficient homes.  As a homeowner, you are probably thinking, “these homes are nice, but what can I do to improve my home?”  The answer is in what you know.

Knowledge is power.

I’m on your side.  Let’s make your home or office more comfortable and energy efficient and let’s do it right. It’s not impossible, rather it’s a matter of learning what you don’t know and applying it within your means. Are you ready to get started?

All respectful comments, questions and topic suggestions are appreciated.