If you’ve ever been told that foil works if you put it under shingles, this video is for you. This myth (and bad practice) has been around forever and I’m finally taking it head on once and for all. Trust me, no one would be happier if it were true, but unfortunately it’s not. Radiant […]

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You may have been told that a traditional underlayment is all you need under your roof but this video proves that adding a radiant barrier barrier under a roof (as long as you have that air gap!) will stop the heat from ever entering your roof deck or your home below. Watch me use thermal […]

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Traditional roofing underlayments work to help keep your roofing deck and anything below it dry and free of moisture. RoofingFoil™ + Underlayment performs just like a traditional underlayment and meets or exceeds all of Miami-Dade County’s requirements for one. We’ve added a layer of our best-selling pure aluminum to the second side of this non-woven […]

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