Ed Fritz on February 22nd, 2010

Everyday people ask me what is the single biggest thing they can do to improve efficiency and comfort in their home. I usually ask a few basic questions like where they live, type of home etc.  Then I ask the two most important questions.  How old is the home and where are the ducts located? […]

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Here is a question I’ve been getting a LOT lately:  “How does AtticFoil® compare to a product called….”? The most common names I hear are eShield, Prodex, Green Energy Barrier, SolarGuard, Reflectix and the list goes on and on.  Consumers get very confused about the differences between these products and want to know how they […]

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Ed Fritz on February 8th, 2010

Every day you probably hear ads about how much you can save by making energy improvements to your home.  Whether it’s a new air conditioning unit, double-pane low e windows, insulation, weatherization, radiant barrier, new LED or CFL light bulbs, the list goes on and on. Yes, we all know that these improvements will save […]

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Ed Fritz on February 2nd, 2010

There has been some debate and confusion whether or not radiant barriers are included in the new energy efficiency improvements tax credits. Radiant Barriers do qualify for the tax credit under The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. If you recall there was much excitement when the energy tax credits were extended or revised […]

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